SysMaster Forms Partnership with Hosting Innovator to Provide Robust, Economical VoIP Services

Exclusive partnership allows start-ups and others to offer SysMaster-enabled services with minimal capital outlay

EMERYVILLE, CA, August 16, 2005 – SysMaster Corporation, a leading provider of VoIP products and solutions, announces an exclusive partnership with, a recognized provider of comprehensive hosted services. The partnership opens vast new markets and opportunities for start-up companies and those without large resources, allowing them to offer services based on SysMaster equipment with minimal capital outlay.

“This partnership is a winning strategy for everyone – our clients, their customers, and our two companies,” said Martin Yosifov, SysMaster Director of Marketing. “Startups can now launch SysMaster-enabled offerings quickly, without having to invest in, or maintain, the actual equipment.”

A Swift Route to Revenue
The SysMaster/ partnership adds a valuable resource to the competitive arsenal of smaller companies for whom time-to-market is crucial – and who may have been held back by lack of infrastructure. Using hosted services allows them to seize fast-arising competitive opportunities and fill niches, even if they are not yet able to purchase equipment.

“By building relationships with these companies from the start, both SysMaster and become part of these dynamic companies’ future growth,” said Yosifov.

“We welcome this relationship with SysMaster, a company we know and respect,” said Petko Petrov, Director of Business Development, “It’s a major advantage for newer companies who want to ramp up their offerings yet preserve vital cash. SysMaster broadens its pool of potential direct customers as these companies grow beyond early budget limitations. And we gain from the exclusivity of our relationship with SysMaster.”

SysMaster’s future plans include eventual direct offering of hosted services. At present,’s robust hosting capabilities, based on SysMaster equipment, help clients move forward quickly and confidently to build their businesses.

About SysMaster Corp.

SysMaster Corporation is a leading provider of integrated Voice-over-IP solutions for carriers, service providers and enterprises. Its solutions are based on two core platforms – VoiceMaster, the industry’s leading real-time billing and call-routing platform, and Advanced VoIP Gateway, a highly scalable and functional platform for delivering VoIP services across PSTN and IP-based networks. SysMaster solutions based on those two platforms enable companies to cost-effectively deploy and manage multiple VoIP services, including Class 4 Service, IP Centrex, Virtual Office, Voicemail, Conference, Follow-me, and Callback. SysMaster Corporation is headquartered in Emeryville, CA. For more information call 1-877-900-3993 in the US, 1-510-420-8837 outside the US, or visit

About offers an innovative approach to launching revenue-generating VoIP services. Using field-proven VoIP technology from SysMaster, helps next generation telecoms and service providers launch IP Centrex/Hosted PBX services with minimum upfront investment. Customers benefit from reduced capital outlays during the business ramp up period, while preserving the option to acquire equipment and earn higher returns as their businesses expand. is owned and operated by Interactive Communications, Ltd. For more information call +359 (52) 603-983, or visit

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