Kaya Telekom Selects SysMaster to Enhance VoIP Service Offerings

Feb 14, 2005
Emeryville, CA

SysMaster Corporation, the leading provider of Voice-over-IP billing and call routing solutions, announced today that Kaya Telekom, a leading Turkish next-generation telecom provider, has selected SysMaster’s solution to enhance its current VoIP service offerings.

SysMaster will provide Kaya Telekom with turnkey VoIP solution, enabling it to more efficiently manage its network of over 20 POPs in Turkey. The solution will integrate Kaya’s network with the SS7 network of the incumbent telecom provider, Turkish Telekom, allowing it to achieve carrier grade network quality and availability. SysMaster’s solution will be integrated for Kaya by Bilgi Sistemleri, a leading telecom and systems integrator and authorized distributor of SysMaster.

“Upon completing SysMaster’s VoIP solution integration, Kaya Telekom will have the highest capacity in the region,” said Bekir Sami Nalbantoglu, Managing Director of Bilgi Sistemleri."

"To take advantage of the exploding VoIP market, carriers require field-tested solutions offered by companies like SysMaster,” said Erkan Akca, SysMaster Director of Sales for Europe and Middle East. “Our integrated VoIP solutions offer high capacity voice processing and support for a wide range of telephony interfaces. The recent approval of our SS7 equipment in Turkey opens doors for continued company expansion in the European markets with our Class 4 and Class 5 telecom equipment.”

For further information about SysMaster’s line of VoIP products, please visit http://www.sysmaster.com.

About SysMaster Corp.

SysMaster Corporation is the leading VoIP billing and call routing solutions provider with the most VoIP business platform installations worldwide. Utilizing SysMaster equipment, providers deliver high-quality telephony services to small and medium enterprises, multinational businesses and more than 100 million consumers. SysMaster Corporation is headquartered in Emeryville, CA. For more information call 1-877-900-3993 in the US, 510-420-8837 outside the US, or visit www.sysmaster.com.

About Kaya Telekom

Kaya Telekom, a.k.a. Rocktel, is a carrier grade VoIP provider operating over 20 POP and toll points located across Turkey. With 600 call-shops and 100 distributors, Kaya Telekom’s VoIP infrastructure provides complete coverage of all Turkish regions. Acting as a turnkey telecommunication contractor for Turkish Telekom since 1987, Kaya Telecom and its group companies have extensive experience in the telecom industry. Kaya Telekom is based in Ankara, Turkey. For more information please visit www.rocktel.com.tr.

About Bilgi Sistemleri

Bilgi Sistemleri is a leading telecom and systems integrator serving emerging telecoms and enterprises. The company has extensive experience with deploying Voice-over-IP, Telecom infrastructure and ERP solutions for its customers. Bilgi Sistemleri is based in Istanbul, Turkey. For more information please visit www.bilgisistemleri.com.tr.

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